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Grey Daze

Limited Edition Grey Daze x Dixxon Flannel

Limited Edition Grey Daze x Dixxon Flannel

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Many of you know that Sean Dowdell and Chester Bennington were not only involved in Club Tattoo, but in their band Grey Daze. We are proud to support and offer the new @dixxonflannelco Grey Daze/The Phoenix flannel in store and online at 5pm today. These will sell out very quickly and once they are gone…they are gone. 

Dixxon: There are a few local heroes that we connect with at Dixxon here in Arizona. Chester Bennington and his band Grey Daze are on that list.  

We designed this flannel as an homage to Grey Daze’s late lead singer Chester Bennington & to celebrate their newest album. 

Prior to his death, Chester and the band had been working on a new album and reunion. 

After Chester’s passing in 2017, the band decided to finish rerecording songs from the mid-90s so the band rerecorded the album using Chester’s original vocals as a tribute to him. The first album was named “Amends” and was released with great acclaim.

The bands newest album was just released in 2022 entitled “The Phoenix.”

We went through some old photos and found Chester wearing a flannel at several of their old shows. We thought this would be a great way to honor Chester and his legacy by recreating a flannel he wore frequently when the band played. Swipe to the end to see the photo!
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